Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My unwanted opinion about the new Cyber Crime Law

Cyber Crime Law will become effective tomorrow, 3rd October, so good bye torrents and music downloads.
Not only the teenagers but also the adults are complaining about this law and as the society pressures me, I'm tempted to join their "revolution" against this law.
Tonight, 2nd October, most of my Facebook friends have changed their display picture into plain black ones, a.k.a "black out call" campaign. As I am much tempted to do the same thing, I couldn't. And it's not because I'm afraid of the outcome, but I didn't really know about everything in it.
People are telling that freedom of speech will be gone but also cybersex and child pornography. They may have only seen the "negative" side of it, e.g. torrents, music downloads, violent posts. 
What the government, I believe, must do, is to educate the people about the whole thing about the law and not only the parts of it. I have read, "Ambagal nang kumonek ng laptop ko sa Wi-Fi,kasama ba to sa Cyber Crime Law???" Oh, the ignorance of the Filipino youth. This fine example can attest of what I have said before. EDUCATE the people, not using the technical terms, but using the lay man's term, so the people  might know the real pros and cons of this law.

Insert own opinion here: As same with the RH bill, I guess the Philippines is not yet ready for this Law.

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